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DVDfunSTUDIO Update program (Windows Vista® capable)

Update installer information

Target Users Customers using DVDfunSTUDIO 2.2 (VDR-M95,M75,M55 included)/DVDfunSTUDIO 2.4(VDR-D300,D250,D200,D100) in Windows Vista®
File name DVDfunSTUDIO Update program (Windows Vista® capable)
Target software DVDfunSTUDIO Ver.2.2/Ver.2.4
Registration name/volume DfSInstV26L002a.000/(20,971,520 bytes)
DfSInstV26L002a.001/(20,971,520 bytes)
DfSInstV26L002a.002/(20,971,520 bytes)
DfSInstV26L002a.003/(16,083,040 bytes)
DfSInstV26L002a.bat/(119 bytes)
Post-application Ver.2.6L002
Preferred release date 26/4/2007
Release target Overseas support site page

Update target

Customers using DVDfunSTUDIO 2.2 (VDR-M95,M75,M55 included)/DVDfunSTUDIO 2.4(VDR-D300,D250,D200,D100 included)

Update contents (Given on Web site)

Target version

The following have been made Windows Vista capable
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Basic

* Functioning cannot be guaranteed on OS not pre-installed


Please read the following text well.

Installation Procedure

Download Procedure

Prepare a folder on the hard disk to receive the downloaded file.
The C drive will be used for the hard disk in this explanation, with a folder called "DVDfun UP" in the C drive root directory.

Download the following file into the folder created at STEP1.

  • DfSInstV26L002a.000 / 20,971,520 bytes
  • DfSInstV26L002a.001 / 20,971,520 bytes
  • DfSInstV26L002a.002 / 20,971,520 bytes
  • DfSInstV26L002a.003 / 16,083,040 bytes
  • DfSInstV26L002a.bat / 119 bytes

* Agreement with the Software User License is necessary to make use of the software. Read the document carefully before installing the file.

Once the download is finished, select the downloaded file with Explorer and check the file size. If the size is the same, the download was successful. If the size is different, delete the downloaded file and download it once again.

Double-click on the "DfSInstV26L002a.bat" downloaded in Step 2.
"DfSInstV26L002a.exe" can be used.

* A security warning screen may appear after double-clicking on "DfSInstV26L002a.bat".
Click on "Run" to continue the process.

Update Procedure
  • * Run the program with a DVD video camera connected to the computer by USB cable.
  • * Run the program with DVD-Movie Album installed.
  • * Uninstall any previous versions of DVDfunSTUDIO before running the program.

Log in with the computer administrator account.
Close all currently active applications.

Select and double-click on the update activation file DfSInstV26L002a.exe.

Follow the instructions on the dialog box to begin the update process.

The update process will finish after a while.

Check the "DVDfunSTUDIO" version.
Launch DVDfunSTUDIO, select [Help] [About DVDfunSTUDIO] to see the version. If it is shown as"DVDfunSTUDIO 2.6(L002)", the update was successful.

This completes the update process.

  1. This updater is only effective if installed with a DVD video camera connected to the computer with a USB cable.
  2. This updater is only effective if installed with DVD-MovieAlbum installed.
  3. This update program is specifically for Windows Vista™. Functioning for Windows XP/2000® cannot be guaranteed.