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DVD-MovieAlbumSE Ver 4.3 to Ver 4.5 Windows Vista update program

Update installer information

Objective users Users using the DVD-MovieAlbum SE Ver 4.3
(supplied with the VDR-D310/D230)
Objective software DVD-MovieAlbumSE Ver 4.3
Registration name/volume
  • DVD-MA45_U043P.000 / 41,943,040 bytes
  • DVD-MA45_U043P.001 / 41,943,040 bytes
  • DVD-MA45_U043P.002 / 35,470,592 bytes
  • DVD-MA45_U043P.bat / 93 bytes
Version DVD-MovieAlbumSE Ver 4.5L043P
Date Updated Apr 20,2007

Objective users

Users using the DVD-MovieAlbum SE Ver 4.3(supplied with the VDR-D310/D230)

Update contents

Ver. Capable
Made capable for the following Windows Vista(32bit edition) versions
  • Microsoft Windows Vista™ Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows Vista™ Home Premium
  • Microsoft Windows Vista™ Home Basic
  • Microsoft Windows Vista™ Business

Limited functions post-update

Depending on the performance of the graphic card in use, in some cases smooth playback may not be achieved.

Please read the following text well.

Download and installation procedures

Download and file integration procedures

Creating a download folder.
Prepare a folder on the hard disk to receive the downloaded file.

Download the following files into the folder created in .
* Make sure to download all four files into the same folder.

DVD-MA45_U043P.000 / 41,943,040 Byte

DVD-MA45_U043P.001 / 41,943,040 Byte

DVD-MA45_U043P.002 / 35,470,592 Byte

DVD-MA45_U043P.bat / 93 Byte

Check the downloaded files.
After the download is complete, select the downloaded files in Explorer,
select [Organize] [Property] in Explorer to show the file properties and
check the size.
If the size is the same, the download was successful.
If the size is different, delete the downloaded file and download it again.

Integrating the separated files.
Double-click on "DVD-MA45_U043P.bat" downloaded in .
"DVD-MA45_U043P.exe" can be used.
* After double-clicking on "DVD-MA45_U043P.bat" a security warning
screen may appear, click on "Run" to continue the process.

Installation procedures for DVD-MovieAlbum

Log in with the computer's administrator account.
Make sure to close all currently active programs.
* If DVD-MovieAlbumSE is active please close it.
(Do not uninstall the currently installed DVD-MovieAlbumSE)

Select and double-click on the update activation file DVD-MA45_U043P.exe

Once decompression is finished, installation will begin.
Follow the instructions to begin installation.

Once the completion screen appears, installation is complete.

  • This update program is specifically for Windows Vista.It cannot be used for Windows XP /2000.
  • This update program is only valid for the target version. If applied to versions other than the target, the software may not work properly hence installation should not be made.