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HC-VX1/VX11 Firmware update service

About downloading service

We are offering "firmware update service" of HC-VX1/VX11 series in order to improve operability and functionality of digital video camera.

Update Contents

* It is not necessary for updating a firmware except the models listed above.
Update Version Ver.1.1
Update File Name / 66,807,821 bytes (Unziped file. : UPDATE.HDC)
Update Date Jan.17.2019


Date Version Description
Jan.17.2019 Ver.1.1
  1. Improvement of Picture Quality in Still Picture Recording Mode

Firmware Update Procedures (Overview)

  1. Step1. Confirmation of the product
  2. Step2. Downloading and extracting updating software
  3. Step3. Copying updating software to SD Memory Card
  4. Step4. Firmware update
  5. Step5. Confirming version number of the firmware
  6. Stpe6. Handling of SD Memory Card

If you switch off the power of digital video camera, or pull out SD Memory Card during firmware update, digital video camera might be damaged. Please avoid such operations.

This update file is only for Panasonic HC-VX1/VX11 series.
Please do not use this to any other models.

Step1. Confirmation of the product

    How to confirm the version
  1. Turn the unit on in Recording Mode.
  2. MENU : [SETUP] - [Version Disp]
  3. We recommend firmware update if it is Ver1.0.
    The update is not necessary if it is ver.1.1 or above.

Step2. Downloading and extracting updating software

If the version of the firmware installed in your recorder is lower than the latest version of the firmware available, please download the latest version of the firmware.
Use of software downloaded from this site requires following License Agreement.
Please review the contents of the License Agreement beforehand.
Your pressing the "agree" button below shall be conclusively deemed to constitute your acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. If you do not accept the terms of this Agreement, do not press the "agree" button, and do not download, install or use the Software defined below.

Download the source code

Please use this software if you can agree to this License Agreement.