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Compatible DVD discs with VDR-D300/D250/D150/D100

We have confirmed that the following DVD discs are compatible with VDR-D300/D250/D150/D100.(5/Jan/06)

  • Recording on DVD-R in DVD Video Recording format is not supported.
  • When using DVD-RW or DVD-R, do not perform the following, as doing so may make the disc unusable.
    • Record on a disc with other products after recording on it with this unit.
    • Record on a disc with this unit after recording on it with other products.
    • Insert an un-finalized disc in any other products.
  • When using double sided disc, you cannot record or play continuously from one side of the disc to the other.
    You will need to eject the disc and turn it over.
Manufacturer Kind of disc Disc Number on side/double side
Panasonic DVD-RAM LM-AF60E double side
LM-AF60E3 double side
LM-AF60E3B double side
LM-AF60U double side
LM-AF60U2B double side
LM-AF30E on side
LM-AF30E2B on side
LM-AF30E3 on side
LM-AF30U on side
LM-AF30U3 on side
DVD-R LM-RF30E on side
LM-RF30E3 on side
LM-RF30E3B on side
LM-RF30V on side
LM-RF30V3 on side
DVD-RW LM-RW60E double side
LM-RW60E3 double side
LM-RW60E3B double side
LM-RW60U2 double side
LM-RW30E on side
LM-RW30E3 on side
LM-RW30E3B on side
LM-RW30U on side
LM-RW30U3 on side
SONY DVD-R DMR60DSA double side
DMR60DSS1 double side
DMR60DSL1H double side
3DMR6DSL1H double side
DMR30A on side
DMR30S1 on side
3DMR30S1 on side
DMR30L1 on side
DMR30L1H on side
3DMR30L1H on side
5DMR30L1H on side
DVD-RW DMW60DSA2 double side
DMW60DSS2 double side
DMW60DSL2H double side
DMW30A2 on side
DMW30S2 on side
3DMW30S2 on side
DMW30L2 on side
DMW30L2H on side
3DMW30L2H on side
5DMW30L2H on side
TDK DVD-R DVD-R28ACX double side
DVD-R14EB on side
DVD-R14ACX on side
DVD-RW DVD-RW14EB double side
DVD-RW14ACX on side
MKM DVD-R Verbatim 43510 double side
Verbatim 43573 on side
Verbatim 95089 on side
Verbatim 95238 on side
Verbatim 95299 on side
DVD-RW Verbatim 43514 on side
Verbatim 95090 on side
Victor-JVC DVD-R VD-R28DU double side
VD-R28DU3 double side
VD-R14DU3 double side
VD-R14DU10 on side
VD-R14EU on side
VD-R14EU5 on side
VD-R14DU on side
DVD-RW VD-W28DU double side
VD-W28DU3 double side
VD-W14DU on side
VD-W14DU3 on side
VD-W14EU3 on side
Maxell DVD-RAM 275878/DVD RAM VCAM 60 HG NC double side
275877/DVD RAM VCAM 30 HG NC on side
DVD-R 275876/DVD-R VCAM 60 HG NC double side
275875/DVD-R VCAM 30 HG NC on side
DVD-RW 275879/DVD RW VCAM 60 HG NC double side
275879/DVD RW VCAM 30 HG NC on side