Q24: Remote Controller won稚 work.

Check and confirm following items.

1) Isn稚 the unit in stand-by mode of timer recording?
2) Isn稚 the remote sensor on the unit receiving strong ray such as direct sunshine or light from an inverter fluorescent lamp?

3) If the unit won稚 work at all by any buttons of remote controller, the batteries might be worn out.
Replace batteries of remote controller to new ones.

4) Isn稚 there anything to block up for remote between remote controller and the unit?

5) When it is able to power On/Off of TV with remote controller, but won稚 to operate any other functions of the unit, (Display shows [U12] or [U30]), it is needed to make the remote mode of unit and that of remote controller match. (e.g. remote 2, and so on)
For further details, refer to the Owner痴 Manual.