Q22. Occasionally, on the models of DMR-E50/DMR-E80H and former models, the word 迭ECOVER" is displayed, and on newer models the word "SELF CHECK" is displayed on the front panel when I turn the unit on.
What do these indicate?

"RECOVER" is displayed when the DVD recorder was previously turned off by any means other than using the power switch.
Such situations might include a power outage or turning off the power using a power strip that supplies power to your home entertainment system.
"SELF CHECK" indicates the same situation as "RECOVER". (SELF CHECK = RECOVER)

It's strongly recommended that you use the power switch on the DVD recorder to turn the unit on or off.
Furthermore, when not in use, the power should not be disconnected.

[RECOVER] or [SELF CHECK] is indicated under recovery from power failure and unplugging conditions, wait till the message on display disappears.
If not getting recovered, follow the procedures listed below.

1) Press and keep [POWER] button on the unit for more than 10 seconds to turn off the power of the unit.
2) Unplug power cord and wait for approx. 1 minute.

3) Plug power cord in.

4) The display shows [RECOVER] or [SELF CHECK] and it becomes under recovery. Wait till the message on display disappears.
*When the unit does not recover after taking above procedures (1 to 4), it is needed to be checked and repaired.
Ask the shop of purchase or the Global Service Center Network for further consultation.

Note) Please see "Q11. Recording stops before completion." for further information on [RECOVER] and [SELF CHECK].