Q11. Recording stops before completion.

When recording on disc fails by some of reasons, power failure occurs, power plug is accidentally disconnected, recording shall stop.
In those cases, check and confirm items listed below and make necessary measures.

a) When the disc has dirt or fingerprints on it, or scratches, or label on it...

a-1) Clean up the disc if it is dirty.
a-2) Use another disc if it is scratched.(use of Panasonic discs recommended)
a-3) Remove the label if it is on the disc.

b) When recording on DVD disc...

b-1) The disc itself may have some causes of the problem.
Check the manufacturer of disc.
( use of Panasonic discs recommended)

c) In case of repeating more than approx. 50 times of taking In/Out of disc, or Power On/Off (*1)...

c-1) It may get to be unable to record nor edit on the disc.
In such case, it is recommendable to change disc.
(*1) This item is effective only when using of discs except DVD-RAM.

d) In case display shows [SELF CHECK] or [RECOVER]...

d-1) Since it is under recovery from power failure and unplugged conditions, wait till the message on display disappears.
e) When the message of [ERROR HAS OCCURRED] appears on TV...

e-1) Press [ENTER] button for recover.
e-2) If not recovered by above operation, follow the procedures listed below.
e-2-1) Press and keep [POWER] button on the unit for more than 10 seconds to turn off the power of the unit.
e-2-2) Unplug power cord and wait for approx. 1 minute.
e-2-3) Plug power cord in.
e-2-4) The display shows [SELF CHECK] or [RECOVER] and it becomes under recovery.
Wait till the message on display disappears.

*When the unit does not recover after taking above procedures (e-2-1 to e-2-4) ,it is needed to be checked and repaired.
Ask the shop you purchase or the Global Service Center Network for further consultation.