Q2. How do I connect the recorder to my old television that does not have audio/video inputs?

Model other than DMR-ES30V/ES40V

Purchasing an RF modulator can make the connection.
An RF modulator is a device that converts the separate audio and video signals to an RF signal (Ch 3 or Ch4).
These are inexpensive and can be purchased from electronic shops.

In the event that your TV doesn't offer separate Audio / Video inputs,the DVD recorder you're using needs to be connected to the TV via the Antenna input.
Some of Panasonic's DVD recorders now offer a built in RF modulator which allows a direct connection to the antenna input on your TV.
Before purchasing an RF modulator, please do this test.

* Connect your CATV cable / roof top antenna to the RF IN connection.
 Connect a short cable to the TV Output (Out to TV) connection.
* Insert a DVD movie and press "play"
* Try watching both Ch 3 & 4.
* If you are able to see the movie playing, an RF modulator isn't needed.
* If you are unable to see the movie, the model DVD recorder you are  using doesn't include the built in RF modulator.
 In this case you need to purchase one.