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Hardware and software requirement

The following environment is necessary for the personal computer to use all the functions of DIGA MANAGER.

          BM PC/AT compatible PC which Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Professional is pre-installed.

          LAN port (100BASE-TX recommended)

          1024*768 pixels or more, High Color (16 bit) or more

WWW browser
          Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Windows Media Player
          Windows Media Player: Ver. 8.0 or later (Ver. 9.0 recommended )

Installations such as the G.726 audio decoder are necessary for MPEG4 playback.

Access to the homepage from " To play MPEG4 which is recorded with DIGA on PC " then download and install them in accordance with the guidance.

Some personal computers, although fulfilling the above minimum system requirements, cannot be guaranteed to operate with DIGA MANAGER.