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LUMIX Digital Camera Know-Hows
Lens Types:Standard Lenses
It is said that when a person looks at a point with both eyes and focuses, they can recognize colors within a viewing angle of approximately 50 degrees. It is this familiar range of 50 degrees that the 50mm lens covers, hence its name "standard." Images from these lenses are natural and unaffected, since the lens does not exaggerate elements of the picture. Another attraction of this lens is that soft-focusing is easily controlled, producing delicate, naturallooking backgrounds.

Standard Lens
Since the lens does not exaggerate any elements of the picture, images produced by these lenses are natural looking. From pan-focus to delicate soft-focusing, this lens' ability to control the look of an image's background makes it a truly all-in-one lens that can successfully capture photos ranging from scenery to snapshots.
Snapshots of people have a natural, through-the-eyes look. Since these lenses do not exaggerate any part of the image, background composition is preserved.
With a perspective very close to that of the human eye, this lens makes travel and other types of photos look the same as when the photographer originally saw them.
Adjusting the aperture lets the photographer freely change the scene's background, from a pan-focus to a soft-focus. One of the great attractions of a standard lens is the natural look of its soft-focus backgrounds.

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