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Auto Exposure photography
With Shutter Priority AE, once the photographer sets the shutter speed the camera will decide the most appropriate aperture value. Conversely, with Aperture Priority AE, once the photographer sets the desired aperture, the camera automatically decides the appropriate shutter speed. The easiest method, i.e., leaving the setting of the optimal aperture and shutter speed up to the camera, is called Program AE. When using an AE Mode, the most important point is to select the correct mode to produce the desired image.

ref What is AE photography?

After manually deciding either the aperture value or the shutter speed, the camera then automatically calculates the appropriate exposure. Program AE is when the camera calculates both the aperture value and the shutter speed.

shutter priority AE
The shutter speed is set according to the type of image desired.Based on that setting, the camera then sets the aperture value that produces a standard exposure. This mode is used to freeze a moving subject, or to create a feeling of motion.

Fast Shutter ( 1/500 sec ) Slow Shutter ( 1/15 sec )
In sports and scenes with fast-moving subjects, a highspeed shutter is used to freeze the action. Photographing moving subjects using a slow shutter creates a feeling of motion.
aperture priority AE
The aperture is set according to the type of image desiredthat setting, the camera then sets the shutter-speed value that produces a standard exposure. This mode is used in a variety of scenes, such as in portrait photography to completely soften the background focus, in pan-focus photography where the entire scene is in sharp focus.

Aperture( F2.0 ) Aperture( F16 )
In portrait and other types of photography, opening the aperture completely gives the background a soft-focus look and has the effect of emphasizing the subject. In scenic and other types of photography, closing the aperture down brings all of the items in a scene into focus, an effect known as "pan focus."
Program AE
In this mode, both the shutter speed and aperture are set by the camera.
Certain cameras contain a number of program modes, such as "panning mode" and "night portrait mode", each with its own optimal exposure settings.
Panning Mode Macro Mode Night Portrait Mode
This mode photographs using a slow shutter. Used with moving subjects to produce a feeling of speed. Allows photography of small-sized subjects such as flowers or insects. Uses maximum aperture to soften the background focus and produce a closeup of the subject. with a nighttime background. Uses a combination of flash and slow shutter to produce beautiful images of people in front of nighttime scenery.
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