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Camera body

Please note that a camera body is required in order to update interchangeable lenses.
Please refer the firmware update workflow from below for each combinations of the L-Mount alliance camera body and lens.

Camera Body
Update Procedures
1 Panasonic Panasonic Update using Panasonic camera body
4 LEICA Panasonic Click here to jump to the LEICA's page, which explains the procedures for LEICA camera body users.
5 SIGMA Panasonic

For Panasonic products listed below, firmware update program is available from each download page.

For other maker's lenses except Panasonic, firmware update program is available from each maker's download page.

  1. Please make sure that your camera body firmware is updated to the latest version first, when updating the lens firmware.
  2. Do not attach lens accessory, such as Tele Converter, when updating the lens firmware.