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Mar. 31, 2021
  1. RAW video data output over HDMI to Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR
    - [5.9K] / [4K] / [Anamorphic (4:3) 3.5K] 12-bit RAW video data can be output over HDMI to Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR, to be recorded as Blackmagic RAW.
    * All functions may not be available depending on the situation.
    * DaVinci Resolve or DaVinci Resolve Studio is required to play back the Blackmagic RAW data.
    DaVinci Resolve Studio is required to edit the Blackmagic RAW data.
  2. Added functions
    - Users can choose to add or not to add camera orientation information in [Vertical Position Info (Video)] menu to prevent unintended image rotation in playback.
    - [Power Save Mode] can be selectable while the camera is powered with an AC adaptor(DMW-AC10, sold separately).
  3. Other added functions
    - There were rare cases that the display such as AF frame blinks during video recording. This phenomenon has been solved.
    - There were rare cases that operating the camera during photo/video playback of play back of photos and video caused a freeze depending on the operation timing. This phenomenon has been solved.
    - There were cases that the specified AF position was shifted when using Pinpoint AF in full screen display. This phenomenon has been solved.
    - There were cases video files were not recognized properly when they were saved in the specific SD card that is not fully compliant with the required commands. This phenomenon has been improved.
Dec. 22, 2020
  1. There were cases the focus cannot be properly set on the touched subject when using a Touch AF. This bug has been fixed.
Nov. 24, 2020
  1. Improved AF performance
    - Tracking and recognition performance of AF have been improved with an addition of head recognition.
    - Recognition performance during video recording in V-Log has been improved.
    - Human/Animal recognition can be set ON or OFF when the AF mode is set to [1-Area] or [1-Area+].
    - [AF+MF] can be used during video recording.
  2. Added video functions
    - It is possible to play back vertical videos vertically.
  3. Other added functions
    - 4K video files can be transferred to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.
    - [Horizontal Image Flip(Monitor)] / [Vertical Image Flip(Monitor)] enables to reverse or not to reverse the monitor image when the free-angle monitor is rotated.
  4. Improved operational stability
    - There were cases low contrast images were not properly saved. This bug has been fixed.
Jul. 28, 2020
  1. RAW Video Data output over HDMI
    - [5.9K] / [4K] / [Anamorphic (4:3) 3.5K] 12-bit RAW Video Data can be output over HDMI.
    The Apple ProRes RAW can be recorded on Atomos Ninja V.
    * All functions may not be available depending on the situation.
    * Software that supports Apple ProRes RAW is required to edit RAW video recorded with NINJA V.
    * Apply the LUT (Look up table) available on the following customer support site to make the same color grading as V-Log/V-Gamut.
May 25, 2020
  1. Enhanced video functions / improved performance
    - Downconverted output over HDMI during [6K]/[5.9K]/[5.4K] video recording is available.
    - In Creative Video mode, it is possible to disable the operation of starting/stopping video recording by pressing a shutter button.
    - In Creative Video mode, it is possible to set [Rec Quality(My List)] from the control panel.
    - The value of noise reduction in [V-Log] in Photo Style has been expanded to [-1]. It suppress afterimages previously occurred in some situations.
    - It is possible to prevent the enlarged view window of MF Assist to be output over HDMI.
    - There were cases where color banding appeared in 4:2:0/10-bit video recording in some situations. This bug has been minimized.
    - There were cases where the REC RUN time code did not count up when the video was not recorded on an SD Memory Card but was recorded on an external device over HDMI. This bug has been fixed.
  2. Changed of operating specifications
    - To prevent improper operation, touch-control is disabled for [Delete All] operation in playback mode. Only cursor buttons can be used for [Delete All] operation.
  3. Improved AF performance
    - It is possible to set [AF+MF] in AFC mode.
  4. Improved compatibility with Panasonic interchangeable lenses
    - It is possible to assign functions to the lens’ Fn buttons when the Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 70-200mm F2.8 O.I.S. (S-E70200) is mounted.
  5. Improved compatibility with Sigma interchangeable lenses and mount converter
    - It is possible to assign function to the Fn buttons of Sigma L-Mount interchangeable lenses.
    - When attaching a lens using the Sigma MC-21 mount converter and [Image Stabilizer] > [Lens] is set to ON , Body I.S.(Image Stabilizer) suppresses roll movement.
  6. Other added functions
    - [Backlight Illumination Period] has been added to the menu of Status LCD. [ON1] prevents the LCD backlight to be turned off.
    - It is possible to select the card slot to save the JPEG images developed by in-camera RAW processing.
    - [0.5 SEC] has been added for an option of [Duration Time (photo)] in [Auto Review].
    - [Off (Disable Press and Hold)] can be assigned to the Fn button. It disables operation when the button is long-pressed.
    - Fn button can be used for checking aperture effect while the button is pressed.
  7. Other improvements
    - There were rare cases where the camera froze during [Segmented File Recording] or during recording at 400 Mbps under a particular set of conditions including the type of SD Card used. This phenomenon has been improved.
    - Aperture and shutter speed can be controlled using front/rear dials when the rear monitor is set to OFF.
    - There were cases where F value control failed depending on the maximum F value when non-Panasonic L-Mount lens is mounted. This bug has been fixed.
Jan. 28, 2020
  1. The flicker during V-Log recording has been improved.
Dec. 10, 2019
  1. Expanded compatibility with Profoto wireless transmitters
    - Profoto wireless transmitters "Air Remote TTL-O/P" and "Profoto Connect-O/P" can be used.
    * All functions may not be available depending on the situation.
  2. Performance improvement
    - There were cases where block noise increases depending on the subject in HFR (High Frame Rate) mode. This bug has been fixed.