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DMC-CM1 Software update service

About downloading service

Dear Customers,
We would like to thank you for purchasing Panasonic DMC-CM1.
From this site, you'll be able to easily download the latest software to enhance the product's performance.
In addition, You can update even DMC-CM1 without using the PC. Please refer to the Operating instruction for details.

Update Contents

To update to the 12.0300, you will need to update to the 12.0274 before it.
If you have not updated to 12.0274, please update from here.
Model Number DMC-CM1
Update Version 12.0300
Update File Name / Size 0P0000121100000400120274_9300.dat / 241,151,903 Byte
Update Date Feb. 15, 2016


Date/Version Description
Feb. 15, 2016
  1. Applied the patches on the vulnerabilities in the Android's core component called "Stagefright".
  2. Removed the following apps.
    - Docs
    - Sheets
    - Slides
    * You can download these applications from Play Store after this software update.
    In addition, if you have updated these applications on the Play Store, the applications will not be removed when you update.
  3. Performance and functional improvements and bug fixes.

Software Update Procedures (Overview)

  • STEP 1. Check the current version of software used by your camera.
  • STEP 2. Download an updated version of the software and copy the software file onto an microSD Memory Card.
  • STEP 3. Install the software update.
  • Please do not turn off your camera, or do not remove the microSD Memory Card while updating your camera's software.Doing so can cause serious damage to your camera.
  • If the camera malfunctions after the software updating, please contact the dealer or Panasonic in this case.
  • Software update can be carried out with data such as the contact list, pictures, mails, download data, etc. that is registered in the unit remaining intact. However, data protection may not be possible depending on the condition of the customer’s terminal (malfunctions, damages, water ingress, etc.). We recommend that you take a backup copy of necessary data.
  • During system update, telephone calls, messages, various communication functions and other functions cannot be used.

Actual installation steps

STEP 1: Reading the current software version.

Panasonic requests that you update the software in your camera If the software version is 12.0274.
For older version than 12.0274, please update from here.

1. From the Home screen ==> [ ] ==> [ ].
2. Select the [About phone].
3. Check the string of the [Build number].
It is possible to check which version of software is on the camera.

License Agreement

Download of any file for Panasonic software update requires your agreement with the software agreement. You may proceed to the next step only once you have agreed. Please make sure to confirm all terms and conditions in advance to proceed to download.


Please choose the button after reading License Agreement sentence.