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Compatibility Information for DMC-TZ50

Compatibility Information for DMC-TZ50

-   The following results are based on Panasonic's testing.
-   Please note that each networks individual characteristics might cause different results.
-   All connection verification results are obtained using a product right after its purchase.
Hardware / firmware changes that a manufacturer may apply might cause different results.
Panasonic cannot necessarily guarantee the results under such status.
-   Hardware / firmware changes can occur without notice.
"Yes" : Compatible "No" : Not compatible

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Company Service Result
AT & T Yahoo AT & T Yahoo! Basic Yes
AT & T Yahoo! Express Yes
AT & T Yahoo! Pro Yes
Comcast Comcast Highspeed Internet Yes
Covad Communications Highspeed Internet Yes
ADSL Pro T1: Dual Stack IPV4/V6 Yes

Wireless Router

Company Model Name WR/WAP Firmware Version Result
Panasonic BB-HGW700 1 Yes
KX-HGW600 1 Yes
2Wire HomePortal 1800HG 3.7.5 Yes
HomePortal 1000HW 3.5.5 Yes
270HG 5.29.47-WIMAX Yes
2701HG-B 5.29.47 Yes
3COM 3CRWE554G72TU V2.01.10 Yes
AirLink AR680W 1 Yes
AR525W 1.0.50 Yes
AR430W 1.01 Yes
Apple WL-500g Deluxe Yes
ASUS M8930LL/A 5.7 Yes
Buffalo WZR-AG300NH 1.46 Yes
WHR-HP-AG108 1.34 Yes
WBR2-G54 2.3 Yes
WBR2-B11 2.20B Yes
Belkin F5D9230-4 Version.2000 2.00.04 Yes
F5D8232-4 Version.1000 1.00.11 Yes
F5D8231-4 Version.1000 1.01.23 Yes
F5D8230-4 Ver 1002 1.01.03 Yes
DELL WX-5565D TrueMobile 2300 Yes
D-Link WBR-2310 A1 1.04 Yes
WBR-1310 RevB1 2.02 Yes
DVG-G1402S 1.00.002V_GNR Yes
DSL-G604T H/W Ver: A3 V2.00B01T01.US.20060404 Yes
DIR-655 A1/A2 1.11 Yes
DIR-625 A1 1.09 Yes
DIR-615 A1 1 Yes
DIR-451 A1 (UMTS/HSDPA) 1.01 Yes
DI-824VUP H/W Ver: A1 1.05 Yes
DI-784 H/W: A1 2.42 Yes
DI-724U 1.02 Yes
DGL-4500ANA 1.02 Yes
DGL-4300 H/W Ver A4 1.8 Yes
DGL-4300 H/W Ver A1 1.8 Yes
GigaFast WF718-APR R1.97c7 Yes
La Fonera FON2201B 1.1.1 r1 Yes
FON2200 0.7.2 r3 Yes
WRTP54G v5.01.04 Yes
WRT55AG v2 v1.79 Yes
WRT54GX4 v1 1.00.20 Yes
WRT54GX2_v1.0 1.01.22 Yes
WRT54GS v7 v7.50.2 Yes
WRT54GR v1.01 Yes
WRT54G3G-ST v2.00.9 Yes
WRT54G (Ver8) v8.00.2 Yes
WRT54G (Ver5) v1.02.2 Yes
WRT54G (Ver2.2) v4.21.1 Yes
WRT350N v1.03.7 Yes
WRT330N v1.00.3 Yes
WRT310N v1.00.1 Yes
WRT160N v1.02.2 Yes
WRT150N v1.1 v1.01.9 Yes
WRT100 1.0.00 Yes
WRH54G v1.01.04 Yes
WCG200 H/W: 1.2b Yes
Microsoft MN-700 Yes
Motorola WR850GP
Part# 518576-001-00
6.1.4 Yes
WR850G 6.1.4 Yes
NETGEAR WPNT834 v1.0_51 NA Yes
WPN824 v1 v2.0.120_1.0.15 Yes
WGU624 v2.0.1.1 Yes
WGT624SC v.3H1 v2.0.10_1.0.1NA Yes
(box:NA router:v2 user interface:v3)
v4.2.11_1.0.1 Yes
WGR614 (Ver4) v5.0_07 Yes
WGR101 v1 v1.0_09 Yes
WGM124NA v1.0_11 Yes
MR814 NA (Ver2) v5.3_05 Yes
DG834G v1 v3.01.25 Yes
Part No: 751.0122
2.08 Yes
Part No: 751.0164
V1.00.020 Yes
Part No: 751.7373
1.09 Yes
TRENDnet TEW-633GR v1.1R Yes
TEW-452BRP A1 1.6.6 Yes
TEW-432BRP (C1 0R) 2 Yes
TEW-431BRP Ver 1.02 Version 1.2 Release 05 Yes
US Robotics USR5461 Yes

Wireless Acess Point

Company Model Name Result
3COM 3CRWE454G72-US Yes
3CRWE41196-US Yes
APPLE M9470LL/A Model No. A1084 Yes
ASUS WL-330g Yes
Belkin F5D7130 2001 Yes
F5D6130 2000 Yes
D-Link DWL-G700AP A1 Yes
DWL-900AP+ RevC Yes
DWL-7200AP A1 Yes
DWL-7100AP A1 Yes
DWL-2200AP A1 Yes
DWL-2100AP A1 Yes
WAP54G Ver2 Yes
WG602 Ver2 Yes
ME103NA Yes
ME102 RevB Yes
TRENDware TEW-610APB/A Yes
TEW-453APB Ver1 Yes
U.S.Robotics USR5451 Yes