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Notice of support termination of internet radio app “AllPlay Radio”

Feb. 25, 2020

Support for the internet radio app “AllPlay Radio” by an application provider has terminated.

The functions described below may still be available but are subject to be changed or discontinued without notice.

If the internet radio app "AllPlay Radio" is no longer available for download due to the termination of support, the following functions will not be supported.

  • Playing internet radio stations on this system with the app “AllPlay Radio”
  • Storing internet radio stations under NET PRESET of the system

You can enjoy internet radio by selecting airable Radio from the app “Panasonic Music Streaming”.

However, you cannot preset the contents of airable Radio to the system.

Broadcasting stations on airable Radio may be different from those on the app “AllPlay Radio”.

«Affected Models»

SC-ALL8 / SC-ALL3 / SH-ALL1C / SC-PMX100 / SC-ALL5CD / SC-ALL70T / SC-ALL30T / SC-ALL6* / SC-ALL9* / SC-ALL05* / SC-ALL2* / SC-HC1000* / SC-HC1020* / SC-HC1040* / SC-ALL7CD* / SC-PMX150* / SC-PMX152*

* NET PRESET compatible models