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Caution when using Windows Vista® for SC-PTX7

When working "Back Up", "Recover" and "Download" using with the Windows Vista®, a setting change of PC is necessary.

Related functions

  1. Back Up of data
  2. Recover of data
  3. Download of WMA/MP3

Setting Change

  • For the "Access Permission Level" of Joint Folder you have set, select any one from "Contributor", "Joint Owner" and "Owner".
    ("Visitor" is not selectable.)

Procedures for setting change of "Access Permission Level"

First, select a "Common" by right click on the Joint Folder of PC (Windows Vista®).

*Before starting Setting Change, keep the record of setting of PC and put it back upon completion of "Back Up / Recover / Download" with same procedure.

  1. The Dialogue Box of "Common of File" (shown below) will be displayed.
  2. If the change of "Access Permission Level" is necessary, click of "Access Permission Level" either of User or Group.
  3. Refer to the illustration displayed below and change the"Access Permission Level".

[ Reference ]

The selectable "Access Permission Level" on Windows Vista® are as below.

  • Visitor
  • Contributor
  • Joint Owner
  • Owner