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Before requesting service, make the following checks.
If you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the solutions indicated in the following guide do not solve the problem, consult your dealer for instructions.

[ NA30 ]
The retractable panel is not operating correctly.
  • The Auto Power Off function is activated, the retractable panel will remain lowered when the unit is turned off. To leave the retractable panel raised when the unit is turned off, press [] twice.
Sound from the device is cut off.
  • Simultaneous use with other 2.4 GHz devices, such as microwaves, cordless telephones, etc., may result in connection interruptions. Increase the distance between this system and these devices.
  • Do not place the unit in a place where radio waves will be blocked, such as a metal cabinet.
  • The device is out of the 10 m communication range. Move the device nearer to this unit.
  • Remove any obstacle between this unit and the device.
  • Switch off any wireless LAN device.
  • Select "Emphasis on connectivity" for stable communication.
  • When a PC and the unit are connected with Bluetooth®, check the sound output destination setting of the PC. If the sound skips or is not output correctly in other ways, perform "To return to the factory preset state", and register the unit to the Bluetooth® device again.
  • Depending on the device connected to the unit, sound may be cut off or noise may be produced. When this happens, lower the volume of the device.
  • When both the AUX IN jack and DC IN terminal are in use, noise may occur depending on the connected device. In this case, disconnect the AC mains lead.
The volume does not increase.
  • Check the volume of the unit or the Bluetooth® device.
  • In LP mode, even when the volume knob is adjusted, the volume of the unit may not increase. In this case, turn off the LP mode.
The device cannot be connected.
  • Refer to the operating instructions of the device, and perform the pairing operation again.
  • Make sure that this unit is not connected to a different device.
  • The registration information of the unit may have been deleted from the Bluetooth® device. Register the unit again.
  • Delete the registration information of the unit through the Bluetooth® menu, etc. on the Bluetooth® device first, and try to register the device again.
The device is connected but audio cannot be heard from this unit.
  • For some built-in Bluetooth® devices, you have to set the audio output to "SC-NA30" or "SC-NA10" manually.
    Read the operating instructions of the device for details.
  • When the AUX IN jack is in use, the jack takes priority over the Bluetooth® function or the NFC function.
This unit is not operating correctly.
For example, this unit turns off all of a sudden or all indicator blink.
  • Using a paper clip or similar material, press the [RESET].
The One-Touch Connection (NFC feature) is not working.
  • Turn on the NFC feature of the device.
Volume is low when this unit is connected to a TV via Bluetooth®.
  • Adjust the volume on the TV. The volume of headphone output may be coupled with the volume of the Bluetooth® output depending on the TV.
    In such case, adjust the volume of the headphone output on the TV.
The hands-free function is not available.
  • Set up a hands-free connection from the mobile phone to this unit.
The unit turns on automatically.
  • If the unit connected to the AC adaptor is selected from a Bluetooth® device, the unit will turn on automatically even when it is turned off, establishing a Bluetooth® connection.
    Depending on the Bluetooth® device, a connection may be established by just turning on the device or setting Bluetooth® function to ON.
    This unit will turn on automatically also in this case.