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SC-MAX8000/MAX6000/MAX4000/AKX800/AKX600/AKX400/AKX200 FAQs

What USB device supported for this model?
  • This system does not guarantee connection with all USB devices.
  • This system supports USB 2.0 full speed.
  • Only FAT 12/16/32 file system is supported.
  • USB devices with storage capacity of more than 32 GB might not work in some conditions.
  • If your USB device cannot be detected, please format again to FAT 12/16/32 file system by using standard formatting application.
How many tracks can be recorded for this model?
  • This system can record up to 800 folders (maximum 999 tracks in an album) or a total of 8000 tracks, depending on the available storage capacity of the internal memory or the USB device in USB B.
How to return all settings to the factory defaults? Reset the memory when the following situations occur:
  • There is no response when buttons are pressed.
  • You want to clear and reset the memory contents.
    1. Disconnect the AC mains lead.
    2. While you press and hold [] on the main unit, connect the AC mains lead again.
      Continue to press and hold the button until "- - - - - - - - -" is shown.
    3. Release []. All the settings are set back to the factory preset.