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SC-PMX802 / SA-PMX802M Firmware Download

Update Information

Model Number SC-PMX802 / SA-PMX802M
Update Version


Update Date Jul. 26, 2021


Date/Version Description

Jul. 26, 2021

  • Improvement of stability
After connecting to the network, "NEW FIRMWARE FOUND/PRESS[OK]" isdisplayed on the display of the main unit when adownloadable piece of new firmware is found.
The "F/W UPDATE" display from step 2 isdisplayed when you press [OK].

Update Procedures (Overview)

    Perform the following steps.
  • Step 1   Check the current firmware version of your SC-PMX802 / SA-PMX802M.
  • Step 2   Perform the firmware update.

Step 1. Check the current firmware version

Panasonic recommends that you update the firmware in your SC-PMX802 / SA-PMX802M in case that the firmware version indicated is older than the version being offered.
(It is not necessary to update to the latest version if the current firmware version is Ver.

  1. Press [SETUP] repeatedly to select "F/W VERSION" and then press [OK].
    • You can also press [▼] or [▲] repeatedly to select the setup item.
  2. Press [▼][▲] to select “FIRMWARE” and then press [OK].
    • The version of the installed firmware is displayed.
  3. Press [OK] again to stop the display.

Step 2. Perform the firmware update