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SC-ALL70T/SC-ALL30T Firmware Download

Update Information

Model Number SC-ALL70T/SC-ALL30T
Update Version SC-ALL70T 2.0.35-S/5CA092/1.0a5-ph10
SC-ALL30T 2.0.35-S/5CA092/1.0a5-ph11
Update Date Oct. 17, 2016


Date/Version Description
Oct. 17, 2016

SC-ALL70T 2.0.35-S/5CA092/1.0a5-ph10
SC-ALL30T 2.0.35-S/5CA092/1.0a5-ph11

  • Improvement of network processing
Jan. 12, 2016

SC-ALL70T 2.0.32-S/5CA089/1.0a5-ph10
SC-ALL30T 2.0.32-S/5CA089/1.0a5-ph11

  • Improvement of audio processing
Jul. 30, 2015

SC-ALL70T 2.0.32-S/5CA088/1.0a5-ph10
SC-ALL30T 2.0.32-S/5CA088/1.0a5-ph11

  • Improvement of streaming music
Jun. 22, 2015

SC-ALL70T 2.0.32-S/5CA084/1.0a5-ph10
SC-ALL30T 2.0.32-S/5CA084/1.0a5-ph11

  • Improvement of streaming music

Update Procedures (Overview)

    Perform the following steps.

  • Step 1  Check the current software version of your SC-ALL70T/SC-ALL30T.
  • Step 2  Perform the software update.

Step 1. Check the current software version

Panasonic recommends that you update the software in your SC-ALL70T/SC-ALL30T in case that the software version indicated is older than the version being offered.
(It is not necessary to update to the latest version if the current version SC-ALL70T(2.0.32-S/5CA089/1.0a5-ph10), SC-ALL30T(2.0.32-S/5CA089/1.0a5-ph11)

  1. Turn the unit on.
  2. Press [SETUP] repeatedly to select "F/W VERSION" and then press [OK].
    The version of the installed software is displayed.
    • SC-ALL70T "2.0.32-S/5CA084/1.0a5-ph10" (Example)
    • SC-ALL30T "2.0.32-S/5CA084/1.0a5-ph11" (Example)
  3. Press [OK] to exit.

Step 2. Perform the software update

    Connect this unit to the wireless or the wired network and make sure that the wireless network is connected to the Internet.

    During the update process, do not disconnect the AC mains lead.

Software update procedure

  1. Turn the unit on.
  2. Press [SETUP] repeatedly to select "F/W UPDATE" and then press [OK].
  3. Press [] [] to select "UPDATE YES" and then press [OK] to start the update.
    • "WAIT" blinks on the display.
      DO NOT DISCONNECT the AC mains lead while one of the following messages is displayed.
      "UPDATING" or " %"   (" " stands for a number.)
    • During the update process, no other operations can be performed.
    • After the update has finished, "SUCCESS" is displayed, and then "PLEASE DISCONNECT AC MAINS LEAD" scrolls.
  4. Disconnect the AC mains lead and reconnect it after 3 minutes.
  5. After 3 minutes, reconnect the AC mains lead.
    • Downloading will require about 15 minutes. It may take longer or may not work properly depending on the connection environment.
    • You cannot output sound from this unit while updating the firmware.
    • To view the TV during update, change the settings on the TV to have the sound output from the TV's speakers. Refer to the operating instructions of the TV for details.

* If "SUCCESS" is not displayed, please refer to the following solutions.

Message Meaning Solution
"NO NEED" There are no updates. Not necessary to update.
"NO CONNECT" This unit cannot connect to the network. Check the network connection.
"DL ERROR" The software download has failed. The firmware download has failed. Press [OK] to exit. Please try again later.
The server cannot be found. Make sure that the wireless or the wired network is connected to the Internet.

* Downloading will require several minutes. It may take longer or may not work properly depending on the connection environment.