Personal Information Protection Policy

  Panasonic Corporation (hereinafter referred to as 'Our company') aims to gain the satisfaction and confidence of customers by providing superior products and service based on the Basic Business Philosophy, and stubbornly retaining the Super honesty.
  To achieve these aims, Our Company are going to establish a good relationship with not only consumers but also several stakeholders such as customers, shareholders and employees etc.
  As a part of these efforts, we are going to tackle with the following activities to protect and handle Personal Information properly.

  1. Our Company assigns the persons responsible for Personal Information protection in each organization handling Personal Information and manages it properly.
  2. Our Company collects Personal Information within the acceptance of consumer etc. after informing the purpose of use and contact means at least.
  3. Our Company uses Personal Information within the acceptance of consumer etc.
  4. Our Company doesn’t provide or disclose Personal Information to the third parties without prior consent from the information subject except the case based on the laws and regulations.
  5. When the information subject contacts us to inquire about his/her Personal Information, Our Company responses properly.
  6. In order to prevent the illegal access to Personal Information and loss/ destruction/ manipulation/ leakage of personal Information, Our Company handles Personal Information safely and makes an effort to ensure/ enhance/ improve the security.
  7. In addition to compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, Our Company continuously improves and enhances the Personal Information Protection activities in response to changes in the environment.