Joint update service for Four Thirds lens and G series camera body (Step 2)

Step 2. Procedure for camera body update

  1. Charge the battery fully.
  2. Make sure to turn off the power switch.
  3. Insert the fully charged battery to the body.
    If the battery is not full, the firmware update will not start nor Fig.3 will not appear.
  4. Insert the SD Memory Card prepared in Step 1-3 into the camera body.
  5. Turn on the power switch.
  6. Press the Play button to enter the Play mode.
  7. After the message of "PLEASE WAIT ..." is displayed, the following display will continuously be shown on the LCD (Fig.3).
    The initial setup of the firmware updating process
    Version number varies according to the updated firmware used.
    <Fig. 3 >
    If newer version or same version of firmware has already been installed, the initial setup screen(Fig. 3) will not be displayed. And the camera body will display that "NO VALID PICTURE TO PLAY". Please turn off your camera and use the camera as is. About SD memory card, please refer to the Note below.
  8. Press the Up button to select YES. The update process will start (Fig. 4 and Fig. 5).
    <Fig. 4 >
    Location of MENU/SET and cursor buttons
    <Fig.5 >
  9. At the above screen(Fig.4), press the MENU/SET button(Fig.5) and the screen will change to Fig. 6.
    The camera body will start the update process.
    The firmware update will take about 2 to 3 minutes.
    Please do not attempt the following operations before completion of next step 10.
    • * Turning the power off and on
    • * Pressing any buttons
    • * Opening the SD memory card compartment
    • * Removing the SD memory card
    • * Removing the lens
    • * Removing the AC adaptor cord
    • * Removing the DC cable
    The green bar increases the level by the process.
    <Fig.6 Version up on Going.>
  10. Once the firmware update process is completed, the camera body will turn off the power and turn on again then it will be initial mode automatically.
  11. To verify the version number, follow Step1 at the beginning. Upon the confirmation on the camera body firmware version same to the one you downloaded, the firmware update is completed.
  12. Turn off the power switch.
  13. Remove the SD memory card.
With the above "update of the body" is completed.

About the SD memory card after it has been used for a firmware update.
Please format the SD memory card used for a firmware update before taking photos, otherwise it may cause the camera body to malfunction and/or decrease the number of pictures able to be taken.

For the update on lens, please jump to Step 3.